We are now only a few days away from beginning the new academic year with online classes. Our form tutors this year are:
  7SH Mr Haynes
  8JD Ms Delancy
  8NJ Sr Jimenez
  9NH Mrs Haynes
  10MC Mr Connolly
  10SC Mrs Chapman
  11GC Mrs Connolly
  11TC Mr Chapman
  12LM Mrs Malcolm
  13DS Mr Scales

We are also pleased to welcome Mrs Jacqueline Rodd as a teacher in the English Department.

Orientation for all students with form tutors will begin online at 0800 on Wednesday 2nd September.

Google Classroom 

Our delivery platform for online learning is Google Classroom, and all associated Google apps (G Suite for Education), sometimes supplemented with Zoom. All our teachers have completed the Level 1 Google Educator course to reinforce the knowledge and skills needed to best organize and manage teaching and learning with their students.
Parents/Guardians are asked to be attentive to their emails tomorrow, Tuesday 1st September, when student email addresses will be sent out, together with initial user names and passwords to access the BWIC Gmail and Google Classroom accounts. Tomorrow’s email will also include our protocol for acceptable student use of Google Classroom. While all parents and students will receive the above log-in information, students may be frozen out of the system should their school registration be incomplete and/or their school financial account require urgent attention.

Book Distribution
While some departments have made arrangements for the provision of online texts for their students, a good number of texts will still need to be distributed in advance of Monday’s online classes. Book distribution, which can only take place according to the strictest social distancing and Covid-19 security guidelines, will take place on Thursday 3rd September according to the following schedule:

  • 0830-0930 Year 7
  • 1000-1100 Year 8
  • 1130-1230 Year 9
  • 1300-1400 Year 10
  • 1430-1530 Year 11
  • 1600-1700 Years 12 and 13

Please note the following factors which will result in a student being turned away from book collection:

  • Arrival outside the time slot scheduled for the respective year group. In the case of siblings, please arrive together at the time slot corresponding to the older child.
  • Arriving without an acceptable face mask, and/or failing to respect social distancing.
  • Attempting to socialise with other students.
  • Failure to follow the directions of staff, intended to safeguard the well-being of students, parents, and school personnel.
  • Having an incomplete school registration, or unpaid bill.
  • We advise that all school books should be left in the bag provided for a period of 72 hours before being handled.

Online Learning/Bring-Your-Own-Device
To recap on news from last week:

 Following the revelation of the TCI Government’s 5-phased plan for return to school, the British West Indies Collegiate will begin its online classes for all students on Monday 7th September. The Minister for Education announced last week that online learning will proceed for all students until 2ndOctober.In Providenciales, all Lower School students (Years 7, 8, 9) will continue with online learning until the end of this first term. From October 2nd, Years 10-13 will participate in blended learning – a mix of online learning and classroom learning. It is intended that all TCI students will experience blended learning from January onwards; however, the government’s phased plan is subject to continual review. 

Parents/guardians will be interested to know our expectations for the type of device their children will need to participate successfully in our digital learning. Basically, while our youngest students could manage with a tablet capable of running Google Chrome, our older students, and most certainly those in our IGCSE and A-level classes, should be using a Microsoft Windows-based laptop. We do not recommend Apple products for the simple reason, apart from cost, that they are not entirely compatible with our system. 

Parents must be aware that a tablet, whilst highly portable, tends to have a short battery life and limited internal memory. If a tablet is provided for your child, it must be capable of saving files to the ‘Cloud’, and/or to an external memory device. The following pointers, suggested from the experience of other schools, may assist your choice of device: 

  • Minimum screen size: laptop 11”/ tablet 9.7”
  •  A touchscreen is highly beneficial 
  • Processor: 2 Core minimum; 4 Core recommended 
  • RAM: Minimum 4GB for laptops; 3GB for tablets 
  • Minimum local storage: 120GB for laptops; 64GB for tablets  
  • Minimum battery requirements: should last a school day (7-8 hours) before recharging 
  • Wireless network: Dual Band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac 
  • Keyboard: external (Bluetooth keyboards are widely available for tablets)
  •  Camera: ESSENTIAL for online classes 
  • Up-to-date ANTIVIRUS and Operating System 
  • Protective carry bag
  • USB memory stick (16GB minimum)

The Collegiate has sourced a good tablet which meets the needs of our youngest students: Dragon Touch Notepad K10 Tablet, 10 inch Android Tablet, 2GB RAM 32GB Storage, Quad-Core Processor, 10.1 IPS HD Display, Micro HDMI, Android 9.0 Pie, 5G WiFi, Metal Body Black The cost (updated 31/8) of this tablet will be $140 ‘landed’. An initial order has now been made. Any further parent still wishing to order one of these tablets for their child should contact me ASAP. 

Needless to say, all digital devices and sundries are brought to school and used entirely at the owner’s risk. BWIC will accept no responsibility or liability for damage, loss, or theft, however caused. 


You are respectfully advised that school uniform will not be necessary for our students until they return to on-site classes, as directed, in January. All school orders made before the summer are on hold, and should be reviewed before the January return. As such, there is no need to enquire about uniform collections at this time. 

Email Addresses

 Many thanks to those who have informed me of missing or erroneous parent email addresses. These have now been added to the database. It is suggested that parents check their spam folder for missing messages, and whitelist our domain (@bwic.tc) and our mail distribution provider (sender.net) in their email address list, to be found in your email account settings, so that any future message of ours is not bounced or blocked.

With best regards,
Mr Anthony WilkinsonVice-Principal